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SpectraLink H340 Wireless Phone - SpectraLink PTN151
SpectraLink H340 Wireless Phone - SpectraLink PTN151

The NetLink h340 Wireless Telephone is uniquely designed to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare setting. The small and lightweight design is ideal for healthcare workers who are constantly on the move. SpectraLink’s innovative design, advanced manufacturing and testing process ensures the NetLink h340 Wireless Telephone is durable enough to withstand the rigors of the healthcare environment. Because healthcare institutions operate on a 24-hour basis, the NetLink h340 Wireless Telephone comes standard with a backlit display and keypad for dimly lit conditions.
Supported charging options include single, dual and quad chargers to ensure that fresh Battery Packs are rapidly available for round-the clock operation.

Polycom’s SIP solution is offered on the e340, h340, i640 wireless telephones as an Open IP License type. This integration supports the Asterisk 1.2.x Open Source SIP Platform and is tested and certified by Digium to ensure interoperability with Asterisk Business Edition. The software is available on

Supported Features:
• Basic Call
• Redial
• Hold
• Mute
• Do Not Disturb
• Caller ID
• Call Forward
• Call Transfer
• Message Waiting Indication

Repair - $175.00
Refurbished - $445.00
DUNS# 170499086
Cage# 5ANU7





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