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Nortel Companion Phone C3060 - Canadian Version Only
Companion C3060 Black - NTHH11GA, NTHH10GA

The new Companion C3060 Portable Telephone is used with the Companion System to provide mobile communication in the workplace.

Exceptional Audio Quality

The C3060's combination of digital technology and noise-canceling microphone provide clean, clear audio quality indistinguishable from that of a desk telephone. With the Companion, there is no interference or noise which can occur with other types of wireless phones.

Nortel C3060 Accessories
10 Items Minimum Order Required Price Qty.
BATTERY 36000 Nortel Companion, 3050, 3060 [ picture ] $69.00
SPECIAL BATTERY 36000 Nortel Companion, 3050, 3060 [ picture ] - 20 items min. $21.99
DIALPAD 36000 Nortel, Companion 3060, Charcoal [ picture ] $5.50
HINGE COVER 36000 Nortel, Companion 3050 [ picture ] $3.03
HOUSING 36700 Nortel, Companion 3060, Top, Btm, Lens, Felt, Spker [ picture ] $14.00
LCD LENS 36300 Nortel, Companion 3060,Clear [ picture ] $1.90
MEMBRANE 36421 Nortel, Companion, 3060, Dialpad Dome, makes contact under the dialpad [ picture ] $3.97
MICROPHONE WIRE 36000 Nortel, Companion 3050 [ picture ] $2.98
SPEAKER 36300 Nortel, Companion 3060,Piezo with Retainer Ring [ picture ] $3.75
SWITCH 36000 Nortel, Companion 3060 Mute, Side, Tactile [ picture ] $2.35

Full Featured

The Companion C3060 is compact, lightweight and provides the same features found on the M & T Series telephones, such as call forward, and conferencing, as well as these time-saving features:

- Full set of navigation keys for enhanced user interface
- Menu key for quick and easy access to customized the Portables settings
- Calling Party Name Display
- Calling Line Identification
- 15 item Services Directory
- 100-item scrollable Telephone Directory
- Enhanced Message Service
- Visual Message Waiting Indicator
- Loud Environment Mode
- Last Call Logging
- Three Active Call State Programmable softkeys
- Three Idle State Programmable softkeys
- Pre-dial and Redial
- Call Notification ringing options
- Standard Vibrating Alerter
- Headset option
- Microphone Mute
- Key Protection
- Hidden administration menu

Calling Party Name & Number Identification
The large two-line display on the C3060 lets you see at a glance who is calling, giving you the freedom to handle calls as you choose. You can decide which calls to answer immediately, and which to let pass into voicemail. Users can also quickly call back the last two persons who called by using the last call log softkey.

Visual Message Waiting
When you miss a call, a message on the display lets you know if there are voice mail messages waiting for you.

Enhanced Message Service
You can access your voice mail with the touch of a softkey, and then use the labeled softkeys to navigate your mailbox without having to remember complicated dial commands.

Call Notification
Call Notification on the C3060 can be customized to ring normally (full), ring only once (chirp) or not ring at all (silent). The ring once option means the phone is still ringing, only you just hear the first ring. This is ideal for times when you prefer not to be distracted by a ringing phone, but want the option of answering a call. Ring options include five distinct tone patterns and five different volume levels.

Vibrating Alerter
The built-in vibrating alerter can be set to on or off independently of the ringing options, so you never have to worry about missing an important call in noisy environments or when you'd rather not disturb others.

Services Directory
A new feature offered with the C3060, the Service Directory stores up to 15 Wireless Computer Telephony Integration (WCTI) application access codes, or telephony host or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) feature codes (call forward, call park, page and ring-again). Access is possible to both custom developed WCTI applications, as well as Pre-Packaged WCTI applications such as Information View. The same key that accesses the Services Directory can also access a WCTI server based menu of applications, avoiding the need to program the access codes on each handset. It is also possible to use the Services Directory as a separate directory for important or emergency numbers.

100 Item Telephone Directory
The scrollable directory allows users to store up to 100 names/numbers and feature codes. Adding a new directory entry for a caller while online is as simple as a single key press if the display shows the person's name and number. The Telephone directory, like the Services directory can, also provides access to advanced WCTI, PBX system or telephony host features.

Soft Keys
Three programmable softkeys allow convenient, one-touch access to the three host feature codes or items you access most often. The three softkeys can also be customized for a different function during a call (active state) than when the phone is not in use (idle state). Softkey labels appear in the display for quick reference.

Headset Options
The C3003 Headband and C3001 Ear-bud Headsets, lets you maximize your freedom by having both hands free to do routine and technical tasks while you talk. Additional headset options for unique environment applications are available from Nortel Networks' Business Affiliate Partners.

Mute allows users to turn off a Companion Portable's microphone so the other party cannot hear the user speak. This key also lets you silence the alerter of a ringing or vibrating phone, if you chose not to answer the call.

Loud Environment Mode
A new Loud Environment Mode is engaged when the Volume is adjusted to settings 9, 10, and 11. In addition to providing greater volume when in this mode, the C3060 specifically tunes the audio performance to make conversations easier to understand when the user is in an environment with loud background noise.

Pre-dial permits users to enter a number and then to change it before the call is placed. It also allows users to save dialed numbers to their directory.

Last Number Redial permits users to quickly redial a called number by pressing the self-labeled softkey when it is available.

The Companion Portable Telephone offers several levels of security:

- Digital Communications - prevents eavesdropping
- Registration - eliminates unauthorized system access
- De-Registration - enables a system administrator to prevent system access from lost or stolen Portable Telephones

Low Power Consumption
The C3060's low power consumption maximizes battery life, giving you more talk and standby time. When fully charged, the portable phone can be used throughout a normal working day without recharging. The C3060 offers a choice of two different battery options:

- Commercial AAA alkaline batteries with the C3060 Battery Clip
- Rechargeable Universal Battery Pack (NiMH 800mAH) - Utilizes heavy-duty industrial grade Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) cell technology for extended duty use.

Battery Charging Options
The Companion C3060 Portable Battery Pack can be recharged with the Individual Charger (single battery charger for personal use) or the Group Charger (six battery charger for share or shift type workers). Each of these chargers has been designed to provide greater flexibility in adapting to user needs and working environments. Both chargers provide the following key benefits:

- Advanced charging algorithms
- Sophisticated battery diagnostics
- Enhanced electrical contact reliability

Line Configuration
A Companion Portable may be "twinned" or paired with a wired phone so that they share the same extension number or DN. The wired and wireless phones will share a single DN that exists on two separate physical paths. Both sets will ring when incoming calls arrive, but only one set will be able to answer a call at any given time. The DN will appear "busy" if either set is in use.

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We NO longer support US version of C3060

Canadian phone Repair $185.00

New Keypads Available
C3060 Canadian Model
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