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 Avaya System VoiceMail Auto-Attendant and 10 Partner 18D Phones
The right telephone is the key to simplifying communications and enhancing productivity. That's why a range of telephones are available with the Avaya PARTNER® Advanced Communications System. From the intuitive layout of buttons and screens to the feel of the buttons as you push them, PARTNER telephones are designed to help you and your employees work more efficiently.
Need a cost effective, efficient phone system for your office? The Partner ACS is top of the line. Includes call forwarding to cellular telephones, multiple auto attendants, and voicemail.
Package includes:
-FREE All Manuals!!
-FREE 2-Year Warranty!!
-ACS 5 Slot Carrier
-ACS R7 Processor
-ACS 308 EC
-Avaya Large Card (2 ports X 16 Mailboxes)
-Avaya Remote Access
-OHP 6000 Music on Hold
-(10) Partner 18D Phones

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Built-in calling features
Get standard features that many other systems don’t have, or charge extra for, like Caller ID, 5-party conferencing and much more.
Simplify and expedite your communications by managing voice mail and e-mail in one mailbox.

Get more phone lines for less—connect your PARTNER ACS to the same T1 or sDSL line that delivers your highspeed Internet access.
Cell Phone

When you are not in the office, PARTNER ACS can have calls ring simultaneously on your cell phone and then have PARTNER Messaging take a message if you don’t answer.
Remote Call Forwarding
Have calls forwarded to an external number when you are out of the office, or after hours, so you never miss any calls.
Avaya System VoiceMail Auto-Attendant and 10 Partner 18D Phones
Sell Price: $3549.00  -  Quantity:
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Cage# 5ANU7





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